Photos & Graphics Can Make or Break Your Blog Post


Photos & Images in Blogs

WHEN IT COMES to blogging, the first thing you should think about as a writer is providing compelling content. An argument could be made that the first thing a reader sees on a page is the photo or graphic.

An image within a blog post allows you to instantly communicate an idea to your reader. An image can be inviting; it can be the whole reason your reader decides to dig into your article.

This brings us to the next question: how do you select the right image for your blog post?

The first thing to consider is what graphic will help entice the reader into reading the article. Pick a graphic that you think will tempt the reader. A graphic gives you an opportunity to reel the reader in. It is a powerful way to let your reader know what to expect from your article, so you want to make sure the graphic is eye catching and useful.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a graphic can leave a lasting impression. A valuable image can make it easier to recall the article. The image alone can be the difference between a reader checking out your blog article or moving on to the next one.

Placing the Image in the Blog Post

After you have selected your image, it’s time to decide where to place your image within the post. There are basically two schools of thought here; one being that you could place the image at the beginning of the post, reeling the reader in right off the bat. You could also place it near the text that best describes the photo. In some cases, it can serve you well to incorporate both strategies. However, you do not want to overdo it and possibly clutter the blog with images wrapped in text.

An image can help break up the content and make it look less daunting to the reader. It’s important to leave a bit of white space in between your text and the image. This will help both the text and the image look more appealing.




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