What Should I Include on My Website Homepage?

Adding Content to Your Homepage Buckets is Easy

Adding Content to Your Homepage Buckets is Easy


YOUR  Website HOMEPAGE is the most important component of your website. It needs to instantly communicate what your small business or organization is all about and, at the same time, it must function as the window to the rest of your site. It is essential to your business to spend time on a homepage content strategy.


Website Visitors Should Feel Welcome


An important consideration is to welcome your visitors. This is possibly the first time they are visiting your site, and you want to make them feel at home from the very beginning. You should think about your  website homepage as if it were the front door to your house. It should be inviting and present a good first impression.


Instantly Communicate Value


Many of your visitors land on your homepage and will consider if they want to spend the time to look around. Give them compelling examples of important site content, but stay as concise as possible. It’s important to briefly provide a number of captivating topics in order to appeal to a wide group of visitors.


A small list of essential items includes:


  • Brand your homepage. Your brand and messaging must immediately communicate who you are and what you do.
  • Add a phone number. This will make you easily accessible and, if your website is set up properly, people can click your number and call directly from their smartphone.
  • Display your address. Communicate where they can find you and if possible, incorporate a map to your location.
  • Incorporate social media. Allow your customers and prospective customers to easily engage with you on your social channels.
  • Keep your top navigation to six items or less. Too many options will make the user experience overwhelming.



Thank you By Jennifer Kamerman

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