From the outside, it looks like SEO and social media marketing are two different things – the former is about gaining more visibility on search engines and building organic traffic to your website whereas the latter is about engaging users, generating discussions and establishing an appealing brand identity. However, both go hand in hand and there are solid reasons why an SEO company in Massachusetts should also include social media consultants in the team, as does RCS Online Solutions

Vital for Content Distribution

Social media is the biggest content distribution system today. When expert social media consultants in Massachusetts help you put out valuable, interesting social media content, it increases chances for those posts to get indexed by search engines and drive website traffic. Also, if your website blog posts get attention on social media platforms, they get indexed at a quicker pace.

Important for Building Brand Authority

An experienced SEO company  knows that establishing website authority is crucial for SEO and higher search engine ranking. As you publish great content on social media and distribute it among relevant audience with the help of a professional SEO and social media agency in Boston, you encourage social sharing and earn reliable external backlinks.

To know more about how social media marketing can boost your SEO efforts, get in touch with a top-rated SEO company in Massachusetts, RCS Online Solutions,

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While searching for a reliable digital marketing agency in Massachusetts, you’ll come across countless options. However, not all agencies are created equal and choosing the wrong one could prevent you from achieving your business goals and cost you dearly in the long run. Here’s a list of characteristics that reputed digital marketing agencies possess.

Comprehensive Digital Expertise

Today, online users are using multiple media, platforms and devices to access content and research for products/services. For comprehensive effectiveness, digital marketing requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Reputed digital marketing agencies in Boston offer different services such as e-mail marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, video marketing, mobile marketing, local online marketing and social media marketing to help clients reach target audience and achieve campaign objectives.

Skilled and Experienced Talent Pool

The  best digital marketing agencies in Boston have a diverse talent pool consisting of skilled and experienced designers, web developers, content creators, SEO specialists, communication experts and social media marketing professionals among others. A versatile talent pool gives agencies the flexibility to deliver custom solutions and execute campaigns with faster turnaround times.

Custom Strategies and Solutions

An efficient digital marketing agency in Massachusetts will cover all bases, including researching your brand, target audience and competition, to develop a custom strategic plan aimed at maximizing ROI. It will take the time to understand your business offerings and customer needs in order build solid online marketing strategies that focus on engaging with prospects in meaningful ways.

Emphasis on Relevant Content

Attractive, valuable content is an important element of digital marketing campaigns as it helps in user engagement, conversions and brand building. A good digital marketing agency in the USA will not only know how to create premium content but also deliver it in forms that are appealing to target audience. For example, instead of a website blog, your target audience may be more interested in infographics or a social media post. In addition to this, a good agency will tailor content for prospects at different stages of the sales funnel.

Due Importance to Analytics

Data, KPI measurements and analytics are necessary for successful digital marketing because they help businesses understand the value of their marketing efforts and take informed decisions to optimize campaigns. The best agencies offering digital marketing services in the USA use state-of-the-art data analytics tools to analyze the effectiveness of campaign strategies. They also test new ways to increase ROI and identify the best mediums to generate quality leads.

Ahead of the Curve

Truly great digital marketing agencies are on top of the latest digital marketing trends, updates and innovations. Developments are constantly taking place in the online marketing world and an agency that’s unable to keep abreast of them will not be able to deliver top quality solutions. When investing in professional digital marketing, you don’t want to miss out on lucrative opportunities for user engagement because the digital marketing agency isn’t aware of the latest online marketing practices.

Look for these characteristics and soon you’ll partner a digital marketing agency you can rely on to get great online marketing results!,

WE at RCS Online Solutions fit all the above with a proven track record of assisting business owners and entrepreneurs  achieve even greater success by attracting, converting and retaining your ideal clients

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Rank on the first page of Search Engines BEFORE you pay. Ronald E Couming discussing his proprietary systems and offer to get you ranked on the first page of search engines before you pay.

Having an effective and efficient online presence is vital to a businesses success, and through Digital Marketing, you can Attract, Convert and Retain, your ideal clients to achieve even greater

We at RCS Technology Solutions, LLC provides business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to attract new clients with various Lead Generation services, Convert those leads into clients, and retain those clients, while also converting those clients in raving fans.

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Leveraging his diverse background in Internet marketing, technology, self-development, Leadership, team building and entrepreneurship, he has created an innovative approach to helping businesses, and business owners, achieve extraordinary, sustainable success.

Ronald has taught and helped businesses all across the country on how to achieve even greater success with proven Internet marketing strategies, coupled with analytic metrics.

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Website tip #3 Showcase your products and services

Make sure that your homepage clearly showcases the product or service you are selling.

Most small businesses can benefit by including professional or stock photographs or videos. It is important that the product photos or graphical images and descriptions are clean, crisp and appropriate. You can have a great site design, but if your product photos look terrible, your prospective customers will think twice about buying your products.

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How to Avoid Mobile Ranking Pitfalls by Assessing Mobile Engagement

The amount of information streaming in about mobile search every day can easily become overwhelming.

One thing that we know for sure when it comes to mobile SEO best practices: Google has made it clear that a bad mobile user experience will result in poor rankings in their mobile search results.

What follows are some starting points about how to use your mobile engagement performance to identify common issues and fix them.

Mobile Site Configuration

Google supports and has solutions for most mobile site configurations, which we can generally categorize by whether a site has unique mobile URLs.

Same URL for Both Mobile and Desktop

Google has come out in support of responsive design, preferring the method of detecting the screen width of a mobile device and serving the appropriate site content from a single URL.

Alternatively, rather than detect the width of the user’s screen, many sites choose to identify the device type from the browser’s user agent string. Because there are so many possible user agent variations, this method is less preferred than the simpler screen width method, but if used, Google recommends adding Vary: User-Agent to the HTTP header of all applicable pages.

Unique Mobile URLs

Many sites have unique mobile URLs and Google has solutions to help ensure crawling clarity in these cases. Use rel=”alternate” on desktop pages to point Googlebot to mobile pages and rel=”canonical” to close the loop from mobile pages back to desktop.

For help with understanding mobile specific traffic and errors, be sure to verify your mobile subdomain or subfolder separately in Google Webmaster Tool accounts.

Assessing Mobile Engagement

Mobile-friendly sites mean more mobile-friendly search listings to choose from and Google has made it clear that understanding mobile user engagement is key in contributing to SEO success.

Our process for assessing mobile engagement starts with having the ability to distinguish between mobile and desktop customers in our analytics, identifying pages where mobile customer usability metrics are significantly worse compared to desktop, then diving into issues by emulating mobile devices using freely available tools.

Identifying Performance Differences Between Desktop and Mobile

Differentiating desktop from mobile traffic is the first step toward gaining a deeper understanding of how your customers are behaving on mobile devices.

This can be easily accomplished in Google Analytics by first creating a desktop-traffic-only segment, adding the default mobile traffic segment, and finally navigating to the organic landing page report (shown in the image below). More effort may be needed using other analytics packages or configurations.

Action: Get desktop and mobile organic landing page metrics next to each other to identify and optimize outliers.

Mobile vs Desktop Traffic

Identifying Mobile Pages With Bad Customer Engagement

The second step in assessing mobile engagement is to understand how customers are interacting with your site for particular organic landing pages by comparing usability metrics of desktop and mobile users. Common metrics for assessing customer engagement are bounce rate and pages per visit, but ideally, the site owner will also set up more specific custom event tracking.

In an example provided by Google, they look at bounce rate to compare user engagement across device types. Specifically, they flag pages that have a high mobile bounce rate when compared to the site’s average mobile bounce.

YouTube product page double the average mobile bounce rate

View as Mobile Device, Check Relevance and Basic Issues

Once pages have been marked for further investigation they will typically fall into one of three categories.

  1. Onsite usability issues.
  2. Page is slow to load.
  3. Bad search intent.

Onsite Usability Issues

Onsite usability issues consist of anything that makes it hard for a mobile user to interact with a page. Some examples specifically cited by Google as causing issues across the Web are pop-ups, overlays, and survey requests. Others are small fonts, text boxes, and buttons that make it a challenge for customers on smaller screens.

Conversely, sometimes the mobile version of a site simply doesn’t display enough information. Having a link to the full site and assessing its use by customers use can help in understanding where mobile content may be lacking.

Action: The best way to test onsite usability issues is to take a look directly, but since it’s not always feasible to have several mobile devices lying around, there are alternatives to help you see what your mobile customers are seeing without leaving your computer. For example, the Chrome browser has a very comprehensive set of device emulators (Google search chrome device emulator) and has some great mobile emulator options.

Page Speed

Page speed improvements are the poster children of mobile optimization for good reason. Google claims that while a site has one second to hold a customer’s attention, the average page load on mobile is seven seconds. This is a big deal because mobile networks are configured to take 0.5 seconds per request. Right off the bat, sites are only left with a half-second window to display content before many customers will move on.

This issue is exacerbated when a site has redirects, which are unique requests and cause 0.5 seconds of latency each. Google is aware of this and will often send users directly to the end state URL from their results page. If multiple redirects exist on your site, though, it could singlehandedly be causing your poor mobile user engagement.

Action: One way to garner specific insight in how to improve page speed is to take your previously identified high-priority/low mobile user engagement URLs and plug them into a page speed insight tool (Google page speed insight). Google Analytics has this tool built in at the URL level. is a solid alternative.

PageSpeed Insights

Google suggests paying close attention to items marked as high priority in their tool, while making it a point to prioritize the easier to implement options. For example, one common fix is as easy as adding a line to your HTTP header to leverage browser caching.

Bad Search Intent

Bad user engagement metrics can also indicate that the customer did not find what he or she was looking for from the search results.

In an example used by Google, it was determined that after hearing the announcement of Android wearables (largely featuring hip-looking watches), customers searching google watch were landing on pages with normal watches that just had the Google logo on them and immediately bouncing.

Action: If onsite usability and page speed don’t seem to be the reason for bad user engagement, look at the keyword the customer searched to identify intent.

Use the Top Pages report in Google Webmaster Tools’ Search Queries section to find the page with poor user engagement and click the drop-down to reveal top searches.

Search traffic from Google Watch query

Looking at the actual live search results page can also provide the context of current events to help reveal the customer’s true intent.

Google Watch search results


Customers have always looked to search for quick access to what they desire. With the rise of mobile devices, quick needs to be faster and the user experience needs to be customized.

The importance of optimizing for mobile is clear as user engagement is a part of Google’s ranking algorithm. By establishing your own benchmarks in how mobile is performing when compared to desktop, then further categorizing by page type and segmenting smartphone and tablet traffic, outliers give us clear clues into any issues that exist on a particular site.

Whether it is onsite usability, bad page speed, or bad search intent, prioritizing according to the scale to which these issues are happening across the site can help to dramatically improve mobile site rankings. Many solutions to these common problems are simple site configuration changes that often take less than an hour to implement.

Ron Couming of RCS Technology Solutions, LLC was so fantastic and accommodating when I called him on a holiday weekend.  Ron responded so quickly and fixed my father’s computer.  My father will be 93 in November and lives alone in FL.  His enjoyment is to be on his computer.  I was worried about having a computer technician come out to my father’s house so  I called Ron.  The distance, along my father’s age and lack of computer knowledge did not deter Ron.  Ron was so patient with my father.  Ron explained how and what he was fixing with my father’s  computer.  Ron did an excellent job taking care of my father and me.  My father was so ecstatic to have his computer back and running so well.  It was such a pleasure working with Ron.  I would highly recommend Ron and RCS Technology Solutions, LLC. – Karon Bergeron | Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce

Ron has jumped into this community with both feet. Since beginning his company he has been become a fixture at community events and is always willing to use his knowledge to help others. The free communithy classes he holds have helped many families protect their children by advising them of what technology is available to make home computing safe. Ron’s expert knowledge makes him a local expert for all things networking, internet, and home and office computing. – Tony Lucacio | President at Merrimack Valley Insurance Agency

Ronald is a technology expert who provides great service at a fair price. I highly recommend him. – Frank Barron | Toastmasters Member

Ronald has worked for my business on a number of occasions with great results. As an aggressive member in his community he does many service provided training seminars for free, to help his fellow business partners. – Jim Marshall | Owner at Marshall’s Autobody CARSTAR

Ron knows how to connect with people in a professional and social setting. He has been a supportive member and district officer of Toastmasters. He continues to offer his support to the new clubs. – Jeni Lu