Zulutrade Review 2022 Pros, Cons & Features

You can use Zulutrade to follow along with the thoughts and ideas of the traders who you want to copy. Rather than a signals service which simply provides the details of the trade, on Zulutrade there is a full social element that helps you get into the mind of the person making the initial trade. It’s easy to follow other traders and get updates as soon as they post a trade, and all you need to do is click ‘copy’ to send the trade to one of your assigned brokers. The only fee Zulutrade charges is a $30 per month subscription fee if you sign up for the profit sharing account. All other fees are controlled by the broker that makes your trades.

zulu trade up program

In fact, a 2019 study found that 62% of investors had never heard of social trading. Look at traders with a win percentage – Does the trader win time and time again? This gives an insight into the likelihood of a trader’s success.

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In addition, in the top right corner you can also find the performance figure, in percentage and monetary terms. The portfolio simulation function of ZuluTrade, called “Simulate my portfolio”, is certainly one of the most useful tools ​​available on this platform. In this case the real Drawdown value is four times greater than the ZuluTrade’s one. A novice investor would be led to believe that this Signal Provider, until now, has lost a maximum of 207 pips before returning to generate a new profit in his equity line.

  • Taking into consideration, that zulutrade is not a broker itself, I checked the regulations of its partners first.
  • Yet some of the best ZuluTrade success stories are from those who have in effect sold the rights to their trading strategies.
  • This is another exciting options offered by some of our top brokers.
  • After seven minutes with no initial response, we messaged our support agent a second time.
  • Unlike traditional online trading platforms, ZuluTrade is a cross-broker platform.

Cryptocurrency investors will enjoy a great trading experience by driving towards maximum profits. However, it’s time to come on to the negatives, because I always want to give a fully balanced review. xcritical reviews And I said at the beginning of this video, I’m investing less and less into ZuluTrade in favour of other platforms. Well, the main one obviously is that I’m not making that much money from it.

Alternatives to ZuluTrade

Clients are required to provide a copy of their passport and a proof of residence document in order to confirm their identity. Look for traders with a clear strategy i.e. not just lucky – Is the trader using a consistent strategy or are their actions all over the place? Automated trading systems are a double-edged sword that carries both pros and cons. They are great for removing the chance of human error, but the lack of human monitoring means there is a higher risk during black swan events. Regulated by ASIC and storing all client’s funds in segregated bank accounts, this is a platform built on trust.

  • Do not trade or do not follow traders who have had a fantastic week or a fantastic month.
  • Unlike other social trading platforms, the site provides users with a free wallet to store their coins.
  • Flagging this box, you allow ZuluTrade to try to close or restore the same situation of the Signal Provider every time the system realizes that something did not go as planned.
  • As long as you are aware of the risks and willing to put in the time, you may still make attractive gains.
  • As a platform built primarily for social trading, xcritical offers an immersive trading experience that promotes connection with like-minded traders.

The most interesting thing though, is that when ZuluGuard is activated, you can choose to be notified by email. In this way, even if you’re not the PC, you can quickly go from your smartphone to control what is happening. If the trade continues to increase profit, let’s say to 70 pips, the system would shift automatically stop at +20 pips profit. An important thing to point out, is that all operations can be sorted based on each of the above-listed parameters, in either ascending or descending order. You can indulge yourself in ordering all trades according to their opening date, or maybe by entry price, or by current profit.

Who is social trading for?

The platform is available for computers, tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches, and has a variety of innovative technical tools to help you with your trades. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that supports the financial needs of an individual across investing, https://scamforex.net/ saving, spending and lending. Register for the affiliate program and get access to the personal account. Check out all the tabs, which are available in the personal account. Evaluate the official zulutrade website, affiliate program guide and the presentation .

  • Another winning feature of this company is the advanced customization possibility of the replication settings.
  • Founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai, the concept of ZuluTrade was to offer an open environment where global traders could connect any trading platform and share their knowledge.
  • It is also particularly challenging for those not focussed on forex, such as gold, CFD, and cryptocurrency traders.
  • But for me, a gut feeling just tells you the growth of it over time.

If you know Excel just a little bit, you know that with this program you can make your analyzes and studies on a really professional manner. You just need to know what to look for and how to use the tool, in order to move from beginner to expert, and obtain from data the competitive advantage that only the professionals get. You already know what we think of other’s users vote, ie that they are not relevant for a concrete performance evaluation, both if positive or negative.

Other Trading Fees

To make it worse after one month their sales guy was on phone trying to ahrrass me to go live with my real money. As you’ve seen, It’s nice and easy to get set up, and you do need scammed by xcritical to set up a broker. But if you’re going with Triple-A Effects, then it’s pretty straightforward. Just follow up follow my link to ZuluTrade and then set up the broker from there.

zulu trade up program

With Meta Trader 5, you can trade using your web, mobile versions, and desktop versions. Traders can control their accounts from anywhere in the world but the desktop version loads slowly. Before selecting the copied trader you wish to imitate, ensure that you have enough information about their position sizes. Retain complete control of your trades and expert selection. Let them strategize and help you trade more efficiently while you reap the benefits.