Thank You Veterans. It is because of you we can live our lives the way we do.

Everyone wants a safe and happy Halloween for themselves, their family and guests.   Forwarding some great ideas: [list style=”arrow” color=”black”] Set Ground Rules. If your child will be trick-or-treating without you, establish a route with your child and don’t allow your child go door to door in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Be sure to walk on […]

Please remember to shut down your computer and laptops.  If you do not and the power goes out, it can cause major problem for you systems.  The sudden loss of power is bad, but the surge of power when the power comes back is much more problematic. Shutting your system down will also allow any […]

We attended the GLCC and the CBA mixer and I would like more information on your business so that  I can refer people to you I know, or meet, in need of your services to you. I also wanted you know that RCS Computer Solutions is a full service technology company that serves both businesses […]

32% of security breaches could be prevented with secure data backup. Do you have a sound data backup plan in place? Here is an interesting article.  This applies to everyone, Businesses and Residential users. We can help ensure you data, pictures, Music; personal information is safe and secure. Please let me know what type […]

Before you leave for the long weekend,  or as soon as you return from, this would be a great time to do a full scan of your computer/laptop, backup all your data, and turn off your machine.  Unless you personally set your antivirus to run scan at a certain times, most will only run when […]


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