BIOS Password

While most people understand the need for a password to access to your operating system, few know and understand the need for a BIOS password.  The password you use to access your computer, lap top, is a system password. Absolutely needed. The stronger the better.  HOWEVER, the strongest password means NOTHING, if you do not have BIOS password.  Without a BIOS password, anyone with physical access to your computer/laptop, can turn it on, and press F2, or F12, access and change your Boot Order. Changing it to the CD/DVD or USB and insert a CD/DVD or USB device, that is bootable.  Once up and on, your hard drive, and all your information, picture, music, etc., is fully accessible as a D Drive. Open it, and read or copy it. Close it and you will never know someone was in your system or has copied ALL your data.  When you turn your system on it will boot right up to your system like nothing happened

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